Reflecting History – Kilwinning Archers Winners Medals


Kilwinning Archers Winners Medals

We were approached towards the end of 2016 by the Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers to produce new medals for the association. The archery club is the oldest in the world, being established in 1483, and their aim was to produce new Kilwinning Archers Winners Medals that reflect their history and the prestige of the association.

The medals designs were produced by our associate designer who recreated their logo which represents the Papingo. The Papingo is a competition that has been held by the Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers for over 500 years, with the earliest record of the event being back in 1483 when the organisation was established. The event requires archers to shoot vertically from the base of the Kilwinning Abbey to dislodge a wooden pigeon approximately 100 feet (30 metres) above with a long bow. The winner is the first person to complete the trial and the logo of the Ancient Society represents this historical competition.

Medals UK was tasked with re-constructing this antique emblem for the purpose of the commissioned winners’ medals which were produced in order to be awarded to their members at various events and competitions organised by the society throughout the year.

The Kilwinning Archers Winners Medal were produced in gold, silver and bronze and feature a frosted, enamelled colour finish. The finished products certainly reflect the esteem of the society and it’s fair to say from the review that the President of the Society gave us that they were impressed with the winners medals we produced for them:

“★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Throughout”

“Getting archers to agree on any one thing is like trying to herd cats but in this instance, they were unanimous, these medals are fantastic! We have no hesitation in recommending this company for any club or organisation looking to get bespoke medals made that properly reflect their aims.

They were very helpful throughout the process and sent me some samples which really helped us to decide on a final design. Excellent customer service, a superb product and pretty good value as well.”

President, The Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers

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